Before the coronavirus crisis, what were 您r home buying goals?



But there are some who are still looking to pursue their real estate plans this year or just want to continue their house-hunting journey even while staying home. If 您’re one of them, here are three things 您 can do to keep 您r home search on track while giving 您r best to stop the spread of the virus.



You may have restricted outdoor and social movements for now, but 您 can translate it into more time to do research that will definitely be a huge help in 您r home buying journey. Take this time to do some legwork and investigate these stats and information so 您 can have a clear path forward once the lockdown is over:

  • Median price of homes sold in 您r area

  • 售前市场上的平均天数

  • 学校区域和学校报告

  • 运输链接

  • 财产税

  • 犯罪率

  • 当地邻里设施,例如公园和花园

  • 邻里团体和组织

  • 常见的HOA费用,规则等


  • Check various down payment assistance programs available in 您r area.

  • Investigate ways 您 can reduce 您r closing costs.

  • Assess 您r cash flow.

  • Determine 您r budget.

  • Figure out how much 您 need to set aside for annual home maintenance and repairs.

  • Make a clear list of 您r must-haves (want vs need).



Because of the quarantine, many brokers and agents are also working remotely and maximizing technology in conducting their businesses. You can call or virtually connect with 您r trusted real estate agent to be informed about the local property market and ask for any general advice. Schedule video consultations through apps like Skype, Zoom, or Facetime to let them know what 您're looking for.




If 您 don't want to put 您r homeownership plans on hold even if 您're stuck inside, 您 can still look online for available listings and properties in 您r target area. Because of cancelled open houses and showings to prevent the spread of virus, taking a virtual or digital tour is becoming the new norm.




Our usual activities may have been put on the sidelines for now, but with the guidance and advice of experts, continuing 您r home buying journey is still possible. We may press pause on our home buying plans, but it's better to always be ready and informed about what’发生在市场上。它’充满希望和智慧,这极大地提醒了我们也将过去。

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